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The Supply of Chocolate is Fragile

Have you ever thought about how much chocolate is a part of your life? How much would you miss it if you couldn't get it anymore? Cocoa is made from a tropical plant so it can only be produced in places like West Africa, Central America, Northern South America and Indonesia. To put it mildly, the political and environmental conditions in these areas are unstable and one event could cause chocolate prices to double overnight. There is also the tremendous distance cocoa needs to be shipped to consider. It goes from the equatorial forests to the processors in Europe and North America to the major distributors in each time zone to the grocery store to you. Natural disasters, fuel shortages, union strikes, and government regulations could interrupt the transportation system of chocolate without warning which could result in a lack of supply for you.

Consider how the Gulf oil spill affected fuel and seafood resources. Shrimp and shellfish were extremely expensive, if you could find them at all, for about 6 six months. Prices have still not come down to previous levels for gas to this day. For just these reasons, doesn't it sound reasonable to put a pound or two of chocolate in your pantry?

Chocolate is Valued for many Reasons

Now what if something more serious happens? Chocolate is more than high in valuable calories. There is scientific information that supports cocoa having a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Although chocolate is no substitute for proper medication and exercise; for those people at risk of heart disease in a time when pharmaceuticals are impossible to get, bittersweet chocolate is certainly better than nothing. Cocoa is also known to be a food with one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants that numerous studies have linked to cancer prevention. There is even greater evidence that chemicals naturally found in chocolate trigger the body to release hormones responsible for positive feelings. Chocolate as a mild antidepressant may make the difference in a long term catastrophe. Theses are just a few examples of the measurable benefits of chocolate.

Chocolate as Currency

What this all means is that chocolate is an excellent commodity for trade when traditional money becomes scarce or untrustworthy. If Gold, Silver, and Copper set the standard among desired metals, Chocolate, Alcohol, and Corn are the respective equivalents in desired foods. When contemplating a breakdown in society, it becomes reasonable to consider barter as a means of survival. Putting away just one pound of chocolate in your pantry now may mean three chickens or an oil lantern in the future if the worst should occur. Chocolate has been used as a currency before; the Aztecs of Central America used cocoa beans as a basis of trade. Like any investment, greater diversity maximizes returns and minimizes risk. Diversify your preparedness with chocolate from Golden Swan Chocolate today. Our chocolate can easily maintain peak flavor for 3 to 5 years if maintained between dry 55°F and 75°F which can be done even without the use of electricity in the form of air conditioning or refrigeration. A basement is best, but even a closet kept closed without an exterior wall is all that is necessary to store your chocolate. Even so, there are no preservatives in our chocolate. We also have special pricing for orders over 50 pounds so pooling an order with neighbors and friends has even more benefit. Give us a call at (804) 920-0724 to see if our chocolate is right for you.

Prices for bulk and recurring orders are negotiable.